HackerOne h1-415: Live-Hacking Event and Hacking 101 Workshops

Just a few short weeks ago, an elite group of hackers were at it again, spending a day finding bugs for Airbnb and Shopify. But this time the venue wasn’t Las Vegas, it was HackerOne’s San Francisco headquarters. And the hackers weren’t the only ones crushing it: an eager groups of students from middle school to college were on hand to interact, learn, and amplify their interest in security and technology. The involvement of this wide and diverse set of community groups made H1-415 incredibly special for everyone involved. Students at the hackathon were affiliated with the following groups: Hack The Hood, which helps people of color find the opportunity to fulfill their potential ​as entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders of society. WISP, which promotes the development, advancement, and inclusion of women in the fields of security and privacy. dev/color/, whose mission is to maximize the impact of Black software engineers. Fem hacks, whose mission is to encourage more girls to become engaged in technology. Lairon Prep CyberPatriot, a program that inspires students toward careers in c​ybersecurity or other STEM disciplines critical to our nation’s future. In addition to networking and hearing from a host of speakers, the students rubbed elbows with elite hackers from as far away as UK, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, and Poland. Both Airbnb and Shopify talked about their security programs and goals for the hackathon as hackers and students enjoyed lunch together. Then, as the hackers got to work, students heard from Marten Mickos, our CEO, Justin Calmus, our VP of Hacker Success, Frans Rosen, a top-ranked hacker, and Peter Yaworski, Senior Cyber Security Specialist. Topics ranged from leadership and entrepreneurship to getting started as a hacker and advanced hacking tips. The sessions ended with a panel answering students’ questions on careers in security and engineering. On the hacking side, the results of H1-415 were nothing short of impressive. Beyond just the speed at which the world’s best hackers can find vulnerabilities, the amount of bounties paid–and beverages consumed–was equally amazing. In just 8 hours, the 30 hackers earned over $100,000 in bounties!

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