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Russian hacktivists stage DDoS attacks on Romanian government websites

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  • Romanian experts from the national cybersecurity and incident response team (DNSC) said that Russian hacktivists from the Killnet group are attacking major state websites of the country.

    Representatives of Killnet themselves took responsibility for these incidents, stating this in their Telegram channel. The DDoS was organized after the statement of the Speaker of the Romanian Parliament Marcel Ciolacu, who promised the Ukrainian authorities “maximum assistance” in matters of supplying lethal weapons.

    DNSC data confirms that the following sites have already become the target of hackers:

    • (official website of the Government of Romania);
    • (official website of the Ministry of Defense of Romania);
    • (official website of the Romanian Border Police);
    • (official website of the National Railway Transport Company of Romania);
    • (website of OTP Bank in Romanian).

    According to Romanian intelligence, the DDoS attacks began today, at 04:00 local time and came from compromised network equipment outside the country. The attacks lasted several hours, and around 11 a.m., the sites started working again.

    It should be noted that earlier Killnet organized similar DDoS attacks on various resources in the United States, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany and Poland, guided by the same political motives and demanding to stop the supply of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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